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Cuba: Natural Paradise | Giants of the Mangrove

In the minimalist world of the mangrove forest there are also giants. Up to four metres long, and weighing almost 600 kilos, the manatees are the largest mammals in the mangrove forest. Read More

Cayo Coco: a paradise in northern Cuba

Cayo Coco is an island located in the North of Cuba, it has some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. Read More

Sunset in Havana, CUBA

A beautiful sunset scenery on the island, from Hotel Copacabana in Havana, Cuba. Read More

Cuba: Natural Paradise | Birds

The mangrove forest offers great advantages to many birds, especially those that feed on fish. Read More

Cuba: Natural Paradise | Lizards

Cuba, like the rest of the Antilles, is a land dominated by lizards. Among the aerial roots, the shoots and the tops of the mangrove forest, thousands of them divide up the territory, marking it out and defending it with signals peculiar to each species. Read More

Cuba: A Natural Paradise

We arrived at the kingdom of the mangrove, where other traveling seeds found earth. It is the last stop of our seed and the beginning of our tour of one of the most unknown and fascinating Cuba ecosystems: mangroves. Read More

ENSO brings rains, thunderstorms and floods to Cuba

El Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon (ENSO) influences the weather in Cuba in February with expected rainfalls over normal totals, thunderstorms and floods, particularly in the western part of the country. Read More

The absence of Zika virus in Cuba does not mean people should not worry

An article in a Cuban newspaper alerts about the current and increasing spread of Zika virus and calls on the people to keep fighting mosquito breeding grounds through sanitary campaigns and individual actions in communities and work centers. Read More

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