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Noel a little stronger as it approaches Hispaniola

At 5:00 pm edt the center of tropical storm Noel was located near latitude 16.8 north, longitude 71.9 west or about 125 miles, 205 km south-southeast of Port au Prince Haiti and about 320 miles-515 km southeast of Guantanamo, Cuba. Noel is moving toward the north-northwest near 5 mph-7 km/hr. Read More

"Bird Guide", Cuban birds and their relationship with wetlands

The Bird Guide, "Common birds of Cuban wetlands", catalogued as the first pocket guide written in Cuba and a fundamental tool for bird identification and monitoring in natural areas of the country, is the result of a wide research work carried out by Dr Lourdes Mugica and a research team of the Faculty of Biology of the University of La Habana. Read More

Tobacco plantations damaged by heavy rains in Eastern Cuba

More than 8,600 tobacco seed beds were swept by the constant rains that fell on the eastern province of Las Tunas, which usually registers the least rainfall. Read More

Livestock breeders take advantage of rains in Las Tunas

From January to September this territory, located to some 670 kilometers from Havana, obtained 16 million liters of milk, one million six-hundred thousand more than in same stage last year. Read More

Water in Floridas dams guarantee conditions to face drought

Over the last years the reservoirs in the territory were subjected to a huge maintenance work not only to improve the conditions of their dikes, but also to repair their spillways, making possible that most of the dams could reach the category of "excellent hydraulic installations" in Florida. Read More

Rain continues in Cubas eastern provinces

Reports that more than 200 millimeters have fallen in different locations Defense Councils are activated with the prospect of swollen rivers and flooding. Read More

Evacuated thousands of people in the Cuban eastern provinces due to rains

Local authorities have provided shelters for nearly 4,962 residents in Santiago de Cuba, 4,000 in Guantanamo, and 1,237 in Las Tunas. Read More

Tropical depression weakening

At 1100 am ast 1500z the center of tropical depression fifteen was located near latitude 30.1 north, longitude 49.1 west or about 940 miles-1510 km east of Bermuda. Read More

Cuban meteorological radar station to increase services in the Caribbean

The location of the new calculation devices in this radar station would allow increasing the available information for time forecast in the region. Read More

Low-cost, hurricane-proof housing made with ecomaterials

Low-income Cuban families now have a greater chance of having a home of their own thanks to a prize-winning construction method that uses strong, locally-produced alternative materials. Read More

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