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Granma, Cuba coast overcomes damage from Dennis

The coastal zone of the eastern Cuban province of Granma is a beehive of construction projects. It has been that way for the past two years, when hurricane Dennis struck with powerful force uprooting trees, leveling homes and disturbing the usual tranquility of the area. Read More

Cuba has obtained important results in the reduction of toxic gases that affects the ozone layer

Cuba has obtained important results in the reduction of toxic gases that affects the ozone layer, said Dr. Nelson Espinosa, Director of Cuba's Technical Office on the Ozone. Read More

French wind-propelled turbines in Cuba

The French company Vergnet, a manufacturer of wind-propelled turbines, will install those equipments on Cuban wind farms. Read More

La Isabelica: Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Santiago de Cubas Gran Piedra

Declared part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNICEF, La Isabelica, located on top of the Gran Piedra mountain south of Santiago de Cuba is prototype of coffee haciendas built at the end of the 18th Century. Read More

Cuba solved a short-term crisis with a long-term commitment toward cleaner energy

Achim Steiner, the head of the U.N. Environment Program, said Cuba has solved crippling energy shortages that plagued the island as recently as 2004 without sacrificing a long-term commitment to promoting environmentally friendly fuels, this Wednesday. Read More

Environment UN expert to participate in convention in Cuba

Achim Steiner, director executive of the United Nations Environment Program will be a special guest to the Sixth International Convention on the Environment and Development, to be held in Havana Cuba, on July. Read More

Largest pink flamingo protected site in Cuba

The Fauna Refuge of the Maximo river, housing the largest population of pink flamingos in the Caribbean, was awarded the Annual National Environment Prize by the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and the Academy of Science of Cuba. Read More

Found more than 10 new species in Guanahacabibes peninsula

New species discovered by ongoing research project.<br /><br />The expedition studying the seabed of the Guanahacabibes peninsula in Cuba&#39;s far western Pinar del Rio province, found more than 10 new species thanks to a project that receives cooperation from Canadian specialists.<br /> Read More

China to amend law to reduce energy consumption

Under heavy pressure to cut energy consumption, China is now turning the spotlight on to construction projects, the transportation sector and government buildings. Read More

New Website About Saving the Environment through Low Energy Solar Kiln Drying

Enviro-Forest Solutions Ltd announces launch of its new website to provide information to people that are interested in environmentally friendly timber processes for delivering sustainable, technically superior and innovative timber products. Read More

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