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Cuba will plant 135 million trees

The Caribbean country hopes to cover 12.6 percent of the total planned by countries in the world. Read More

PAHO lauds cuban strategy against Dengue Fever

Cuba's project includes clinical and biological methods and the participation of the community. Read More

Jose Fernandez Milera: an expert on Cuba Mollusks

The senior Cuban scientist, winner of the 2006 National Oceanic Science Award, donated his collection of 35,000 mollusk shells to the Institute of Ecology of the Cuban Academy Science Read More

Cuba boosts artificial fish raising

As part of that strategy, a major program to raise tilapia artificially for the domestic market and export is being carried out in the eastern Cuban province of Camagüey. Read More

Six kilograms soursop in Cuba

This is the third time he picks up a fruit with peculiar size, so his family preferred not to eat it to show it people. Read More

Cuban Botanical Garden has 400 orchid breeds

The centennial Garden completed its reserves by adding Palmira municipality Macrademia Garden, that hosts unique breeds. Cuba owns 49 endemic orchids, plus curiosities like leafless Afilas, and others that rank among the world's tiniest orchids. Read More

Cubas National Botanical Garden in full swing

Six hundred hectares dedicated to the most varied flora allow the visitor to get a closer look at some of the worlds extensive variety of plants Read More

Baracoa, Cuba's Primate City, to host Turnat-2007

The city awarded National Monument, is known for its rain forests, excellent for cocoa and coffee plantations, but also for its rich fauna and flora that make up the ideal environment for nature lovers. Read More

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park: Claimed for Nature Tourism

Alejandro de Humbodlt National Park, located in Holguín and Guantánamo provinces, and declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is a claimed scenery for all nature tourism modes. Read More

Reforestation Renews a Barrio in Havana Cuba

Every morning Mario Véliz makes his way through the streets of Pogolotti, a low-income neighbourhood in the Cuban capital, to the milk shop. Those who only know him because he works there are unaware that this thin, wiry man with a face seamed with age is the life and soul of local reforestation. Read More

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